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20th Anniversary Evangelion Website

2015 is nearly here, along with the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, it’s not just the show’s anniversary— as every fan of the series will be able to point out, 2015 is the year when the show actually takes place.That’s right, folks: we’re going to be living in the same year as the anime that we’ve been talking about for over a decade.

Khara hasn’t forgotten this. They’ve put together a website for us that you can find over here at eva-info.jp. The site is packed with information about all Evangelion-related projects (all in Japanese), as well as links to other websites like the Evangelion store, the original evangelion.co.jp website, and a newer site called eva-gate.jp, a digital online news publication about Evangelion. Eva-gate costs money, though– and there doesn’t seem to be anything there that can’t be found at eva-info.

It’s an exciting time to be an Evangelion fan!


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Until You Come to Me: Evangelion Animator Expo short

The 7th entry (out of a planned 30) in the Animator Expo short video series is Evangelion-related. Until You Come to Me is set to a Shiro Sagisu version of Danny Boy; the short seems to be a mix of hype for Eva Final alongside a blending of NGE with the New Movies. This short is reminiscent of Sagisu’s own Peaceful Times project with its artsy style.


Shinji in the “Until You Come To Me” short.

Anno himself stated that he plans to return to Eva after finishing the Animator Expo series (3.0 emotionally drained him), so we’ll just have to wait and see if this is a hint of upcoming FINAL news or just a fun little project like Peaceful Times was.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Finally Coming to BluRay

eva-official1Big News early Monday morning, it was announced on the official Evangelion site that the original 26 episode TV series + the 4 “Director’s Cuts”, Death & Rebirth (theatrical version), End of Evangelion, and Death
will all get HD remasters and be released as a BluRay boxset with a tentative release date in Summer 2015. No word on any technical specifications or extras, or the price which is sure to be an arm ad a leg.

There’s been a lot of debate over the years about how feasible a full HD remaster of the TV series would be and whether it would be worth it or little more than an upscale. At least it seems they’re serious about doing it right, and I’m sure they have the means for a quality BD release. That’s what everyone is hoping for, at least.

The other question is if there will be an English release and who would take on the license? Will there be a release somewhere (HK, maybe?) that at least has English subtitles? Will Funimation take on the rest of the Evangelion properties and do a BD boxset and a full redub? Can only speculate right now but could be a lot of big news coming from familiar names like Funimation or Madman Entertainment in the coming year.

eva-official2Additionally, the official website also lists a DVD Boxset release in Summer 2015 of the 26 episode TV series and the TV version of Death and Rebirth called “Archives of Evangelion“. It looks to be the On Air versions of the TV series episodes as well as the version of Death and Rebirth that was aired on TV.

There’s also no official release date for the DVD Boxset nor any details on the release or extras. It doesn’t mention whether these are the original masters of the episodes, though I’d guess they will be identical to the original ADV “Perfect Collection” release that included all of the On-Air episodes (instead of the home-video versions that GAINAX was releasing in Japan).


VIZ Evangelion Vol.14 manga released February 2015

VIZ will release a “Third Impact Bundle” of Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga before the Volume 14 manga release date on November 25th. VIZ’s Volume 14 release date is part of the simultaneous international release date November 26th in Japan (the Japanese Limited Edition comes out on November 20th).

EDIT: In a recent Twitter discussion, VIZ mentioned that “Unfortunately a production delay pushed this back to February 2015. Apologies for the inconvenience.” It’s unknown for what reasons this push back has happened, but is reflected on their product page for Volume 14 (February 10th 2015 being given as the new release date): http://www.viz.com/manga/print/neon-genesis-evangelion-volume-14/11509


Shiro Sagisu’s New Evangelion Jazz Album

shiro_sagisu_piano_forteLast week, it was announced that Shiro Sagisu, the music director for both the Neon Genesis Evangelion original TV series as well as the new theatrical movies, was releasing an album of Jazz arrangements of Evangelion music. Today, we have an album name, track list and a release date. (Image on the right is not related, that’s from Piano Forte)

According to the official Evangelion news site, the name of the album is “The world! EVAngelion JAZZ night = The Tokyo III Jazz club =”, will be released near Christmas of this year (12/24/2014), and sells for about 3000円 plus taxes. The track list is as follows:

01: Weekend, the introduction (by all star singers)
02: Welcome to the Tokyo III jazz club (by all star orchestra)
03: Swingin’ A1 (by all star bigband)
04: Come sweet death, second impact (by Megumi-H)
05: Barefoot in the club (by all star bigband)
06: Final decision at the milestone (by all star combo)
07: Emptiness, the longest (by all star orchestra)
08: Thanatos, cool again! (by all star bigband)
09: Dilemmatic triangle opera (by Megumi-H)
10: A8, mellow slow-jam (by all star combo)
11: Theme Q, suppa-duppa! (by all star bigband)
12: The Image of black me (by Megumi-H)

H/T: Minna no Evafan.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project English Translation

Ayanami Raising Project NDS Front CoverForum user xPearse worked on a project to translate the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project Nintento DS game into English. The ROM can be downloaded from the blog post and there’s also a partial guide.

The in-game graphics with Japanese haven’t been translated but the guide should help with some of that. And the player’s name needs to be drawn (in Japanese). If you have any other questions, you can contact Pearse from his blog.


No New Sneak Peaks in Evangelion FINAL’s Preview

So we mentioned a few weeks back that NTV’s Friday Road Show was going to do an Evangelion marathon, concluding with the airing of the TV version of 3.0/Q. Last time, the 2.0 broadcast ended with what ended up as the beginning of the 3.0 movie so it’s natural to assume we might get a couple of sneak peaks in the next time preview for FINAL this time around.



Oh well, we didn’t get a release date either. Maybe we’ll get another NTV Road Show that will give us a sneak peak of the new movie later on. For those who sat through the broadcast or a crappy live stream, we’re all disappointed. But at least it confirms that Hideaki Anno wasn’t completely making stuff up when he drew the most recent lantern:


I wonder if that whole repeat sign thing is gone now? Also, some updates from around the internet:


SMASH! 2014 Rundown

008SMASH (Sydney Manga and Anime SHow) this year was the biggest yet, at a new location (again) and spread over two days for the first time, and including guests Kotono Mitsuishi (Misato Katsuragi Neon Genesis Evangelion, Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon), Toshihiro Kawamoto (Co-founder and Director of Studio Bones), and Reika (World Famous Cosplayer).

This year it was held at Rosehill Gardens, a racecourse, but a location big enough to accommodate the hundreds of stalls and the thousands of people that came to the event. The show was spread across 3 different enormous buildings, which it needed to be as each room was filled with stalls and booths.

Kotono Mitsuishi did a number of interesting panels in which she discussed Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and many other interesting things.

To get my full rundown of the event and to see all the photos head over to my website Fazmotron.com or check out the forum post.


Sadamoto’s Evangelion Manga Vol 14 to get Simultaneous Release

VIZ’s San Diego Comic Con Panel announced this weekend that the final volume of Sadamoto’s manga, Volume 14, will receive a Simultaneous Release on November 20th 2014 in Japan and the US. This is also what happened with Volume 13 back on November 2nd 2012.




Limited Edition of Volume 14 of Sadamoto’s Evangelion Manga with bonus Story/Character

manga-new_characterAccording to Comic Natalie, there was a flyer handed out at an Evangelion event at Yokohama advertising the limited edition release of the 14th and final volume of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga. The flyer reveals that a “new” female character will appear in the bonus material, stating “Yoshiyuki Sadamoto gives you rough illustrations as he heads toward the limited edition of the manga.”

The limited edition release of the final volume will also include an original cover, book ends for the entire 14-volume manga set, a 16 page booklet and exclusive illustrations by Sadamoto, and a “Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Working Music CD.” The CD is supposedly the music that Sadamoto liked listened to when drawing his manga.

Here’s a bigger picture of the “new character”:


So it’s possible that the “new” character could be Mari Makinami making a guest appearance in a side story. Or it could be another dark, long-haired female with glasses, since there is sort of a precedence for that. Still, will be interesting to see what this omake will be like.