Shin Eva to be released in North America October 17th

On July 31st, G-KIDS announced that Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time will be released in North America on October 17th. Like the Japanese version, the North American edition will be in both 2 Disc & 3 Disc editions with two of those discs containing the film and special features (see the previous article for a list of special features) with the third disc containing the film in 4K UHD (a 4K Bluray player is needed for playback and cannot be played on regular Bluray players). The film will come with English, French, & Spanish subtitles, and while there is no word on the dub, it is assumed that the dub will be same as the one used on Amazon Prime.

The 3 Disc edition will also include a 28 page book, a 16.5” x 11.7” poster, and five art cards of Shinji & Misato, Rei, Asuka, Mari, and Kawrou (it should be noted that these cards are the same bonus prize offered by the Evangelion Store when the Japanese edition was released).

Both editions will be available to order on the G-Kids website as well as on Amazon, on Rightstuf, or any other major retailer.

Shin Eva is still available to watch on Amazon Prime.