English-language Shin Eva reviews now begin

English-language Shin Eva reviews are beginning to come out now.

Gendo’s Papa brought our attention to the fact that American film industry insiders and film critics have had access to Shin Eva. Consequently, we have our first non-spoilery reviews. To quote Aaron Stewart Ahn, “Do everything in your power to make sure that the world doesn’t end before August 13 so you can see it.”

Ghostly Ocam’s gathered a set of reviews on the forum. They’re mostly spoiler-free, although one of them has mild spoilers (not linked in the post). Do take a look!


Farewell, All of Evangelion ~1214 Days of Hideaki Anno~

An extended version of The Professionals TV special documentary called Farewell, All of Evangelion ~1214 Days of Hideaki Anno~  will be available to stream on Prime on the exact same day as Shin Eva. Unfortunately, it’s Japan-only for now, but hopefully that will change soon.

Hobby magazine twitter feed, courtesy of GhostlyOcam on the forums

This comes from the Hobby magazine twitter feed. Thanks, GhostlyOcam!


Sayonara, all of 3.0 + 1.0 (UPDATED)

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 has ended its final run with an estimated total gross of 10.246 billion Japanese yen, eigarankingnews reports. (Thank you, GhostlyOcam!)

UPDATE: The official final figure reported by Khara is 10.22 billion yen.

Official twitter account, courtesy of Xenosaga on the forums

There are a very few theaters with limited showtimes still showing the movie, but most theaters have moved on to new releases. For all practical purposes, Shin Eva’s run is over. And it has been a grand success.

The Eva fan twitter account notes that the attendance for Shin Eva has been far greater than that for the previous Evangelion movies.

eva_fan twitter account, courtesy of Gendo’s Papa on the forum

Overall, this is all good news. 10.22 billion yen places Shin Eva at the 35th position in the charts, right behind The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.


Shin Eva now to be dubbed in Hindi

Indian fans of Evangelion have a good reason to be happy! Shin Eva is going to be dubbed in Hindi on its Prime Video streaming release. Furthermore, Shin Eva is set to feature subtitles in Hindi and the major Indian languages of Tamil and Telugu. As a matter of fact, this is the first time a major anime has been dubbed into an Indian language from the get-go.

Turkish subs are included too, for viewers in Turkey! Certainly, subs are rare in Turkish and the Indian languages, to say nothing of dubs.

This information comes from Shin Eva’s Prime Video page, which is now up! Thanks go to Xenosaga on the forums for pointing this out.

India remains a vast but poorly tapped market for anime, but things are changing. Significantly, the Demon Slayer movie was finally set to release in India on July 15 before pandemic-related delays. By comparison, Shin Evangelion appears set to arrive in India on the same day as the rest of the world in both dub and sub versions.


Shin Eva now to be streamed in Japan

Shin Eva is now to be on Amazon Prime Japan on August 13. This is the same as the rest of the world. It changes the previously reported information that Japan would be excluded from release.

Amazon Prime video twitter, courtesy of GhostlyOcam on the forums


Now past 10 billion, Shin Eva makes history

Shin Eva is now past 10 billion yen and has gotten into the history books. It’s officially the first mecha anime to cross that threshold on 12 July, on the 127th day of its run.

Official evangelion twitter, courtesy GhostlyOcam on the forums

Khara’s tweet includes the words “Thank you very much for your support.” and further adds that the movie will close July 21 (Wed) except some theaters.


Shin Eva gross thought to be 10 billion now

Shin Eva’s box office gross is thought to be 10 billion now. This represents a milestone for mecha anime. Official confirmation pends but we have a tweet from Taroimo at eigarankingnews –

@eigarankingnews, courtesy of GhostlyOcam on the forum

Translated, this tweet simply congratulates Shin Eva for crossing the 10 billion yen mark. It also congratulates the staff and fans who have worked on Eva for 26 years.

Edit: A new estimate puts it at 10.19 billion yen, with a whopping 135 million earned on Sunday!

We expect a PR statement Monday morning. Meanwhile, feel free to discuss this on our forum!


Shin Eva is now at 9.81 billion

As of noon today in Japan, Shin Eva is now at 9.81 billion yen.

A significant boost is expected from the July 11 meet-and-greet. 10 billion yen seems so close, yet so far.


Now send your thanks to Khara!

You may now send your thanks to Khara, thanks to nostrict’s new message board! Japanese Eva fan nostrict let us know of his new message board. Write a message to the showrunners or any of the Eva characters, and it will be passed on to Khara!

For the spoiler-conscious, Shin Eva characters are included in the thank-you board. However, they’re far enough down the list that you don’t need to worry.


Hideaki Anno to be at July 11 stage greeting

A July 11 stage greeting event has been announced on the Evangelion twitter, and Hideaki Anno himself is scheduled to be there.

Evangelion twitter, courtesy of Xenosaga on the forums

Further, the Last Run will come to a close on July 21. The Evangelion website had this to say :

This movie, which has been supported by everyone as “Shin-Eva Last Run,” will finally come to an end on July 21 (Wed.), except for some theaters.

There are some theaters that will close before July 21 (Wed.), so please check the official website and theater listings of theaters near you.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who waited so long to see the film and to all those who were involved in its development, despite the repeated adversities such as the postponement of its release twice due to the Corona disaster and the declaration of a state of emergency during the screening.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In addition, a Finale Stage Greeting will be held at Shinjuku Wald 9 theater on Sunday, July 11. Director Hideaki Anno himself will be present, in addition to cast members Megumi Ogata (Shinji), Kotono Mitsuishi (Misato), Yuriko Yamaguchi (Ritsuko), and Fumihiko Tachiki (Gendo). There will be two greetings from the stage with questions being accepted via twitter and instagram.