NGE Now Available for Download to Own

On November 2nd, GKIDS made available Episodes 1-26 of NGE and the films Death(true)2 and the End of Evangelion for download to own, and can be purchased on Amazon Prime & Apple TV. On Prime, the TV series (either in Japanese with English subtitles or the official English dub) can be purchased for $1.99 in standard definition ($2.99 in high definition) per episode or $51.74 in SD ($77.74 in HD) for the entire series. Death has both subbed and dubbed versions for $19.99 & $8.99 respectively while only the subtitled version for EoE is available for $19.99.

Now the most interesting detail in this announcement is that for Apple TV, it’s not exactly the same. There, the TV series is subbed only while both Death and EoE are only available dubbed. At the time of this writing, no price is advertised. Please keep these differences in mind if you prefer either Japanese or English for your viewing pleasure.