The Evangelion Fan-Geeks Commentary now ends

The Evangelion Fan-Geeks Commentary is set to close soon. Originally hosted by the now-defunct evacommentary.org website, the FGC found a new home on the EvaGeeks wiki. Between 2010 and today, we have completed Episode 05, Episode 06, Episode 07 and Episode 08.

Sensei and the FGC Chalkboard of Yore

However, we have all the way to Episodes 25/26 to go without counting Death and End of Evangelion. We hoped to make our commentaries the ultimate fan commentaries, going with the idea that EvaGeeks was meant to be the ultimate Evangelion fansite. We wanted our commentaries to have translated scripts, include missing cuts for all episodes and have large versions of images for key scenes. We’ve achieved that level of detail for the Opening and Episodes 01-08.

Regrettably, that quality has come at the price of dooming the FGC to a zombie-like state of perpetual incompleteness. Rather than shambling on, the FGC will close on a high on August 12/13, with the release of Shin Evangelion. All remaining episodes from 9 to 26 will open to public commentary. Episode 19 has the benefit of the full works, with translations, missing scenes, and large images. The other episodes have only the dialogue to act as a guide. Scene translations and large images will be added on an on-request basis, if possible.

This is probably not the ending that anyone in the Fan-Geek Commentary project wanted when it began. But given the vicissitudes of time, this appears to be the only ending that honors all the work put into this project over the years. This, perhaps, is the last avenue for justice for all the commentators, volunteers, and translators whose sweat and tears made this project possible. To all of you – Thank You, and Congratulations!

Congratulations, everyone. Just don’t turn into Tang!