NGE Ultimate Edition Bluray Available for Preorder

Both GKIDS and AllTheAnime have announced that preorders for the Ultimate Edition Bluray set are now open for the US and UK respectively. The set will include the following:

  • All 26 episodes of the TV series (Directors cut for episodes 21-26 only). Both the dub and subtitle tracks are the ones used on the version streaming on Netflix as well as a second set of discs that will have the sub and dub from the ADV release (Whether these tracks are from the original release or from the Platinum Edition is unknown at this time).
  • Death(true)2 feature film.
  • The End of Evangelion feature film.
  • 156 page art book.

Please see GKIDS and AllTheAnime’s respective sites for a more exhaustive features list, but suffice to say, it is comparable to the bluray edition released in Japan in 2015. It should be noted, however, that both sets will not have the ending theme “Fly Me to the Moon.” While it is disappointing, Evageeks member Gendo’s Papa has made known to us a twitter thread that explains the circumstances of why it isn’t there.

The price is US$275 (£199) and is limited to 5000 copies for the US (and of this posting sold out) and 2500 for the UK. These editions can also be ordered only through the two companies directly. For those who think the price is too steep for their budgets, both companies will release details on other editions August 30th.

Shin Eva Watchparty today!

We would like to remind everyone that we will be hosting a watch party of Shin today at 3 pm (15:00) EDT.


Join us as we watch all the thrills, chills, spills, & kills as the Rebuild series comes to an end.

New NGE Bluray News!

Longtime Evageeks user GendosPapa has made it known to us today that GKIDS has announced, through both Twitter and e-mail, that they have revamped their Evangelion page, which includes a clock counting down.

At the end of this countdown (one week from today), the NGE Bluray set, and the Ultimate Edition of the set in particular, will be available for preorder. Specific details such as the release date, price, and availability of copies are not mentioned, but we remain hopeful that these questions will be answered next week.

For further information, please visit the GKIDS Eva page.


We must also add that AlltheAnime has made a similar announcement for our fellow fans in the UK and Europe in general. Special thanks to Silvermoonlight.



Episode 19 Commentary is now open to all

EvaGeeks is pleased to announce that the Fan-Geek Commentary for Episode 19 is now open for comments. This begins the End of the Eva Commentary.

Comments are open to all forum members in this thread. Folks interested in volunteering to be commentary editors, please let us know over here. Enjoy, and thank you for being with us all these years!


Shin Eva gets a staggered midnight release

Shin Eva gets a staggered midnight release. It’s already out in New Zealand and parts of Australia (since it’s past midnight there). It’s coming out in Japan in a little over 20 minutes. Thanks for the heads-up on the forum, Xenosaga!

Folks, wait till midnight in your timezone to see it!


Amazon’s Evangelion in multiple languages

There’s a new video up on YouTube showing off all 11 of Amazon’s dub languages. Fans of the old ADV English dub ought to be happy! Thanks, BernardoCairo!

Here it is, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS! There aren’t many spoilery scenes, but if you’re spoiler averse, be careful!


Less than 12 hours away now?

Is Shin Eva less than 12 hours away? Xenosaga spotted something surprising on Khara’s twitter. Apparently, Shin Eva releases at midnight Japan time. That’s 11am EDT, 4pm British time/ 5pm CET.

From official Khara twitter

The key line says “Delivered on Amazon Prime Video today from 24:00 (00:00 on the 13th)”.


We now have an official YouTube channel!

That’s right, folks! We now have our own official YouTube channel!

We mentioned our live Shin Eva watchalong plans. We’ll host it on Saturday, August 14th, at 3pm EST. We’ll watch the movie on Amazon Prime, so be sure to sign up first. Sync the movie up with the time code in the livestream to watch along. And NO SPOILERS IN CHAT, please!

Click here to go to the watch along!


EvaGeeks live Shin watchalong on the 14th!

EvaGeeks will be hosting a live Shin watchalong on the 14th of August at 3PM EST. Details and a link to the new official EvaGeeks Youtube channel are in this post.


Gunbuster to be released on Blu-ray, new dub

Cyharding has uncovered great news for Gunbuster fans. ANN reports that Discotek Media licensed Gunbuster along with a host of other titles for home video release. This announcement was made at Otakon on Saturday.

Gunbuster’s release on Blu-ray includes a new English dub for all six episodes by Sound Cadence Productions. No release date has been specified, only that it’s out in 2022.