New Details on Other Editions of NGE on Bluray (For the Budget Minded)

We have now received more details regarding further editions of NGE on Bluray. The Collector’s Edition, which retails for US$174.98 (£124.99) will have all the on disc bonuses as the Ultimate Edition while not having as many of the physical features. There will also be a Standard Edition, retailing for $45.99 (£59.99). Of course, it will have fewer features than either the Ultimate or Collector’s Editions, the most notable being that will not include the dub and subtitle tracks that was originally issued in ADV’s physical version. There is also the option to download the series, though it doesn’t come with any bonus features nor do we have the pricing on it at this time, but we will update as soon as we do. Please see GKIDS or AllTheAnime’s websites for a more comprehensive list of what is or is not on each edition.

The Collector’s Edition will be released on December 8th, the same as the Ultimate Edition, while the Standard Edition will be released on November 9th. The Download to Own option will be available November 2nd.