NGE Ultimate Edition Bluray Available for Preorder

Both GKIDS and AllTheAnime have announced that preorders for the Ultimate Edition Bluray set are now open for the US and UK respectively. The set will include the following:

  • All 26 episodes of the TV series (Directors cut for episodes 21-26 only). Both the dub and subtitle tracks are the ones used on the version streaming on Netflix as well as a second set of discs that will have the sub and dub from the ADV release (Whether these tracks are from the original release or from the Platinum Edition is unknown at this time).
  • Death(true)2 feature film.
  • The End of Evangelion feature film.
  • 156 page art book.

Please see GKIDS and AllTheAnime’s respective sites for a more exhaustive features list, but suffice to say, it is comparable to the bluray edition released in Japan in 2015. It should be noted, however, that both sets will not have the ending theme “Fly Me to the Moon.” While it is disappointing, Evageeks member Gendo’s Papa has made known to us a twitter thread that explains the circumstances of why it isn’t there.

The price is US$275 (£199) and is limited to 5000 copies for the US (and of this posting sold out) and 2500 for the UK. These editions can also be ordered only through the two companies directly. For those who think the price is too steep for their budgets, both companies will release details on other editions August 30th.