Shin Eva Bluray to be Released in Japan

On October 3rd, it was announced that the final film in the New Theatrical Edition series: Evangelion 3.0 +1.11: Thrice Upon a Time will be released on DVD and Bluray in Japan on March 8th 2023, the two year anniversary of the film’s theatrical release. The regular DVD and Bluray edition will have two discs. Disc 1 will have the main feature while Disc 2 will have bonus features. The Limited Edition Bluray will be a three disc set. The first two discs will the same ones mentioned above. Disc 3 will the film in 4K Ultra HD Bluray (note: you will need a 4K Bluray player to play this disc).

It must be stressed here that the film will be only in Japanese and not have either the English dub or subtitle track.

There is an important thing to note about the Bonus Features disc mentioned above. While it will contain the usual features such as trailers, commercials, animatics, and the like; it will also have a feature entitled Evangelion 3.0 (-46h). If you remember back in June of 2021, Shin had a second run in theaters where patrons received a short manga called Evangelion 3.0 (-128min), which showed events leading up to the beginning of 3.33. While we don’t know what this short film will entail, (-46h) will have many fans waiting in anticipation.

Both the Regular and Limited Editions will available to purchase at multiple retailers such as Amazon.jp and YesAsia. In addition, these retailers will be offering unique Bonus items for the Limited Edition (and some offer them for the Regular Bluray & DVD edition as well). Some of these retailers will also be offering additional extras as well. CDJapan is offering these versions from these establishments through their proxy service. There are also other proxy services such as Buyee or NeoKyo for all your shipping needs. These stores (links will be provided to the Limited Edition where available as some do direct shipping) are listed for your convience:

Amazon.jp: Slipcase and a postcard set.

Amiami: Size B2 Tapestry of Misato & Shinji.

Animega/Sofmap: Size B2 Tapestry of Rei.

Animate: Size A4 Canvas Board of Kaworu.

Akai kuma-san: Rectangle Can Badge of Kaworu.

CDJapan: Acrylic key chain of Kaworu.

Evangelion Store (includes copy of the film’s script): Set of 5 postcards.

Gamers: Size B2 Tapestry of Mari.

HMV: Shikishi artboard of Rei.

Joshin: Acrylic key chain of Mari.

Kinkurido (includes 2 CD soundtrack): Size A5 Acrylic plate with your choice of either Shinji & Misato, Asuka, Rei, Mari, and Kaworu.

Rakuten Books: Acrylic block of Rei.

Shinseido WonderGoo: Acrylic key chain of Rei.

Toronoana: Acrylic Carabiner of Asuka.

Tower Records: Size A4 Clear Folder of Misato & Shinji.

TSUTAYA: Size A4 Clear Folder of Rei and a scene photo.

For those who are unable to purchase the Japanese release due to either an inablity to understand Japanese or it’s too much for their budgets, we would like to remind them that GKIDS had already announced they have the North American rights for the film. As a rule, the difference between Japan and North America regarding release dates is usually several months. While there are at this point no details such as a release date, it is believed that based on how the company handled the NGE boxsets last year, there will be little or no disappointment in them.

We’ll also remind you that as of this posting, Shin is still available to watch on Amazon Prime.