Updated Version of Shin Eva to be released.

We have received news about an updated version of Shin Evangelion entitled 3.0+1.01 that will be released in theaters.

The film, set for release on June 12, will have updated animation for some of the scenes. Moviegoers who see the film will also receive a 36 page booklet that includes new artworks along with statements from the production staff. However, one of the most interesting parts of this booklet is that it will feature a manga called Evangelion: 3.0 (-120 min.), which details events just before the beginning of 3.33. The manga’s story is written by Anno with the script by Tsurumaki and art by Hidenori Matsubara and Mahiro Maeda.

As we are eagerly wait for this new material to be released, we can take one thing for sure from this news. It is that while it seems it is taking forever for an international release, even though it has only been three months since its premiere, this news is a sure sign that we are inching closer to that release date than we were before.

(special thanks to Gendo’s Papa for bring this tweet to light and Nuclear Lunchbox for providing further translation)