Shin Eva’s Last Run: 9,215% over last week

Shin Eva’s Last Run campaign has topped the Japanese box office this weekend. Earnings are up 9,215% over last week . Let me repeat this to be clear, folks, Shin Eva is earning 93 times as much as it was last week! It’s leading even the brand-new Gundam Hathaway movie, although our last available information suggests that Hathaway is catching up.

Tweet by @eigajohomatome, brought to attention on the forums courtesy of GhostlyOcam.

We expect new information to come in soon, along with the Saturday gross for Japan (it is just past 9:00 pm Tokyo time as of this posting). A lot of cinemas have sold out screenings, so it’s possible that the 9 billion yen mark will be crossed very soon. Feel free to discuss this on the forum!