Shin Eva’s Last Run campaign has put it OVER 9000 million yen, or 9 billion yen, for boring folks. Yes, I know Vegeta actually said “over 8000” in the original Japanese, but a meme’s a meme. And it did it on its 100th day since release, making it all the more poetic (mimetic?).

Here’s the tweet from Khara announcing this landmark :

Official Evangelion twitter, courtesy of GhostlyOcam on the forum

The 10 billion yen question is whether Shin Eva could become the first ever mecha anime to cross that figure on domestic totals alone. Anno is on record hoping to see Shin Evangelion cross that landmark figure. With the Last Run campaign, this may indeed be in sight.

Could we see history in the making? Is 10 billion close at hand? Feel free to discuss this on the forum!