No New Sneak Peaks in Evangelion FINAL’s Preview

So we mentioned a few weeks back that NTV’s Friday Road Show was going to do an Evangelion marathon, concluding with the airing of the TV version of 3.0/Q. Last time, the 2.0 broadcast ended with what ended up as the beginning of the 3.0 movie so it’s natural to assume we might get a couple of sneak peaks in the next time preview for FINAL this time around.



Oh well, we didn’t get a release date either. Maybe we’ll get another NTV Road Show that will give us a sneak peak of the new movie later on. For those who sat through the broadcast or a crappy live stream, we’re all disappointed. But at least it confirms that Hideaki Anno wasn’t completely making stuff up when he drew the most recent lantern:


I wonder if that whole repeat sign thing is gone now? Also, some updates from around the internet: