TV version of Evangelion : Q coming on September 5

Some very big news from Minna no Eva and this blog entry. (Thanks to forum member Dima for finding the latter, and Sailor Star Dust for translating the lineup). Evangelion: Q’s TV version is set to air on September 5, following TV broadcasts of Eva 1.0 and 2.0, and separate broadcasts of Death and Rebirth and the End of Evangelion. The entire broadcast schedule is as follows –

From NTV’s Movie Heaven block-
August 18th: Death (true)2
August 25th : End of Evangelion

Friday Roadshow –
August 22nd: Eva 1.0 TV version
August 29th: Eva 2.0 TV version
September 5th: Eva 3.0 TV Version + God Warrior TV Version

In addition, a new Preview is promised at the end of the 3.0 TV airing, similar to how a new 3.0 Preview came with the airing of the Eva 2.0 TV version.