Funimation dub of Evangelion 3.33 still not finished.

From EvaMonkey.com:

There have been a bunch of vague and unspecified delays since the beginning of the year in regards to the English release of Evangelion 3.33.  Last month, Toonami tweeted that Funimation said 3.33 was “still on hold” and that they were “Working ‘closely’ with studio khara to ‘make it closer to original vision.’”

This prompted a number of people to fill in the gaps, especially those who had seen the dub in theaters.  The consensus seems to be that Funimation has done a poor job, not necessarily in translation, but in capturing the same emotions.  Scenes where Misato seemed to show a genuine sense of concern for Shinji have been overridden by her just sounding perpetually angry.  So it would seem that Funimation has been revising the dub in some amount.  That now seems to be confirmed, as Spike Spencer’s newsletter has just stated that he is scheduled to record “pick ups” for Evangelion 3.33

This should be considered good news, considering Spike Spencer, as Shinji, has the most lines of anyone in the film, and smoothing out his lines alone should be a good push towards them completing the dub, and setting a release date for the DVD and Blu-ray, which many fans are eagerly awaiting.