The End of Evangelion (the manga)

last_stage1So a few days ago Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Evangelion Manga, which started serialization in December 1994, has finally come to an end after 96 chapters. The July 2013 issue of Young Ace will have the final chapter, titled Last Stage of the manga.

Personally, I’ve had mixed feelings about where Sadamoto has taken the story, but it’s still worth the read, with the biggest complaint in general being that it took so long (nearly 20 years for 96 chapters). Now that it’s done, there’s no reason not to check out the manga. And if your in North America and the prohibitive prices of some of the out of print volumes discourage you, you can read them all online at Viz’s website (as long as your in the proper region). Viz, however, hasn’t put up this latest chapter yet, and as of this post, don’t know of a timeline of when it’ll be available. If you’re really hard up to read it, I know it’s available, translated, in the usual places that you’d find new manga chapters.

Some more scans (SPOILERS!):

Some additional scans of the “Climax Special Program” that was announced in the previous issue:

special_program1 special_program2
special_program3 special_program4