We do (Not) release Torrents

Recently, a certain Evangelion related torrent file has appeared on the internet, carrying an [EGF] moniker. We’d like to stress that this file is not in any way endorsed or published by evageeks.org or the Evageeks forums. We do not do torrent files.

However, many forum members are extensively involved in the translation of many Evangelion related materials, some of which were apparently used in the file. As the result of a mix up, the forums themselves were “credited” in the filename, despite having nothing to do with the release.

Regrettably, the internet in general and bittorrent in particular has no “take backs”, so it is currently impossible for us or anyone else to remove, amend, or correct any of the released files. All we can do is clarify the situation. The Submit button can be a harsh mistress.

Evageeks has never released, nor will at any point release fansubs, or torrents, or the like. The only translations we employ are for purely textual purposes, used in the Commentary Project, or hosted solely as reference material for the english speaking fandom. We can’t control what the internet does with translations found here, and can only ask that in future, if translations found or discussed here are used in any such projects, that we not be credited.