Evangelion 3.33 Arrives

eva3.33_bd2Eventhough the official release date for the much anticipated Evangelion 3.33, You can (not) redo is the 24th of April, many online vendors sent theirs out for delivery a few days early. Mine went out a few days ago and just arrived, 2 days (well, one and a half) early than the street date. I ordered from CD Japan since I have reward points there and practically got it for half the price, thus it came with a Rei Ayanami mouse pad, which is a little small to be used as an actual mousepad.

Sorry some of these pictures are kind of blurry. Only had a camera phone, in low light and without a computer to take screenshots of the actual bluray.

The bubble-wrapped packaging out of the box. Nothing special here.

The box is very similar to the Evangelion 2.22 packaging, except the booklet that comes with it is much more substantive. At first glance, looks like much of the same stuff as from the theatrical booklet. Also, there’s no film strip for this one.

The black disc is the BD and the blue one is the soundtrack. The booklet doesn’t have page numbers, but looks to be about 30 or so pages, printed on heavy paper, with various credits, chapter listings, and soundtrack info toward the back.

When you put the disc in, it immediately starts playing, which means you’re looking at the “God Warrior” Ghibli special. I always thought it was kind of weird to be included not only as part of the theatrical screening, but as literally part of the runtime of the movie itself.

Of crouse, you can back out and we’re looking at a very non-descript main screen. The starfield in the background slowly moves to the left and you have some menu options along the bottom (poor picture, so you can’t make them out).

Also like the previous releases, we have the entire script.

Bringing up the extras menu, you can see there’s a bunch of trailers, teasers, and TV Spots. The other things we get are the Eva Extra 08, which is essentially a slideshow of the first 2 movies plus a trailer for the 3rd. Also like the previous releases, we get a Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33, a “The Making of”-style bonus. Although most people in the English speaking world refer to the new movies as “Rebuild” (us included), the “Rebuilds” are actually these bonus materials that show the production of these movies.

Eva Extra 08.

A shot of Asuka’s helmet from the trailer.

A shot of the “Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33” bonus depicting an unfinished Eva-02.

A shot of the “Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33” bonus depicting a scene in 4 different stages of production running simultaneously.

I got through the movie once, can’t really notice any changes or additional scenes since I only have my memory of the theatre to go from. I’m sure once this gets ripped and subbed, the big differences will start to make its way out. The quality of the movie definitely looks pretty good though, with only some occasional wonky CG getting in the way (was the same as in the theatre).

And no, there are no English subtitles.

I’m not much into the soundtrack (or soundtracks in general), but it looks like there’s a couple of overlaps between this soundtrack and the Shiro Sagisu double CD that was released last year.