New Evangelion 3.33 Promo (Spoilers)

eva2013_0417_wer_30Seeing as we’re only a week away from the official Evangelion 3.33 DVD/BD Japanese release, the promo trailer isn’t going to be of that much interest. Minna no Evafan has a bunch of pictures of the promo.

The only possible bonus from the promo is to get the first sneak peak at the possible updates Khara has made to the 3.0 film for the 3.33 home release. The pictures aren’t really good enough to do a comparison with any of the low quality cam rips that have been floating around. So maybe we’ll update the news post when specific differences are found or when a good quality version of the actual promo is released outside of Japan.

Wille’s fleet



It’s been uploaded to youtube: