Evangelion at Kotobukiya Booth, Wonder Festival 2010

Day 2 of Tokyo’s Wonder Festival 2010 brings some pictures of the Kotobukiya Booth‘s Evangelion related items. They had the Asuka, Rei, and Mari “Rebuild” statues that were also seen at the Kotobukiya booth at Wonder Festival last year along with a new Asuka statue of her in the “Test” plugsuit. However, probably the most interesting item is a set of Entry Plug Chopsticks that open up on the end to expose a tiny pilot inside. There are Asuka, Shinji, Rei, and Mari versions of these chopsticks. The expected release for these chopsticks are December and will sell for around 1260円.

Poster for Evangelion Chopsticks


Close-up of Mari's Chopsticks (on Poster)


Unpainted Chopsticks


Close-up of the Pilot


Some old and new Rebuild Statues


Close-up of Asuka's TEST plugsuit

Source and Pictures: Min Nano Eva Fan. They also have pictures of the Revoltech Booth.

Revoltech Booth at Wonder Festival 2010