Asuka Rebuild Figure

asuka_rebuild_figureKotobukiya is releasing a Rebuild version of Asuka Langley Shikinami in a plugsuit sitting on a rock that has the head of Evangelion Unit-02 carved into it. This is similar to the Rei Ayanami figure which has the same features. Like the Rei Ayanami figure, the figure looks sleek and high quality, and will probably be sold out fast.

The Asuka figure will be 1/6 scale PVC, prepainted, and sits about 20cm high. The figure retails for 7,140円 (includes tax), but it looks like a lot of online retailers are giving you deals on the pre-orders. The figure has a release date set at November 5th, 2009, but there are pre-order deadlines at most sites. Seeing how quickly the Rei figure sold out, it’s probably better to get your orders in sooner than later if you’re interested in this figure.