Evangelion Figures at Wonder Festival 2009

wonder_festival_rei_bike2The Tokyo Wonder Festival 2009, an annual event to showcase and sell garage kit models, had lots of nice Evangelion related goods this year. Gainax had their obligatory booth which included a “geek room” and sold some custom cells.

A lot of other very talented artisans also displayed various Evangelion garage kit figures and models, including the set of Rei Ayanami figures on “Eva” motorbikes seen on the right. These would be nice to own, but unfortunately will be hard to get a hold of if you didn’t attend the event or don’t have a lot of money to spend. Among the custom figures are some that will be available in a larger production run, like the Rebuild Asuka Figure and various Revoltech figures. Warning, some of these pictures may contain Evangelion 2.0 spoilers, so don’t click on the “Read More” unless you don’t mind being slighly spoiled.

Another look at the Rei and Motorbike.

2 familiar figures currently available on pre-order

Rei in plugsuit and entry plug

The Die Sterne version

Rei in a maid outfit

This is a really nice one. It’s always nice to see more stuff of Kaji and Misato.

Rebuild Asuka in her plugsuit on top of Eva-02 rock, previously posted about here

Hideaki Anno as portrayed by his wife Moyoco

Custom Eva-01 head

The Eva-05 Revoltech at the Yamaguchi Revoltech booth

A new Rebuild Eva-01 Revoltech also at the booth

And, of course, the Nice Looking Eva-02 in “Beast Mode”

Lots more pictures and reviews at Min Nano Eva Fan‘s blog.