Evangelion 2.22 New scenes

The Noguchi version screening of 2.22 occurred in Hakone yesterday, and one of the Evangelion blogs discussed the new additions to the film.

Spoilers in the rest of this post!

The first big addition involves a discussion between Shinji, Toji, and Kensuke when Kaji arrives to Japan. The second addition involves the 3 pilots (Asuka, Shinji, and Rei) at a synchro test, which is where Asuka says her new line (mentioned awhile back in Eva Extra 06) “What a shame!”. The blog states that Asuka’s line is “so splendidly nonchalant that you feel cheated”.

Little additions include the following (several of which are in the 2.22 promotional video):

    *Eva-01 jumping over a bridge and takes a bunch of water with her during the 8th Angel catching scene.
    *Eva-03 being air-lifted.
    *Eva-02 back-flipping during the 10th Angel battle.
    *The 10th Angel attacking a building.

According to the blog, the supplement cuts are a welcome addition to the film and are meant for the fans.

Also worth noting according to the blog is the arrangement of “Please Give Me Wings” (the Noguchi version, “I Would Give You Anything”) has a similar clap-along feeling to “Komm, Susser Tod” from EoE (and also has a similar tone of returning to nothing as a result of 3rd Impact).


Detailed information has been given from the Min na no Eva Fan blog.

First off, it mentions the June issue of Newtype has an Interview with Maaya Sakamoto (Mari) and Tsurumaki.

The new cuts according to the blog are as follows:

    *Eva-02 is shown transported after its first-battle.
    *Kaji arrives in Japan, seemingly at a train station. Shinji and the boys meet him there.
    *Misato has free time, sitting at headquarters. The activation test is when she receives Asuka’s “What a shame!”.
    *Aida-kun is called out in the classroom.
    *In the Eva 2.22 PV and Eva-Extra 06, Eva-03 is shown being transported. It passes through a thundercloud.
    *Eva-03’s entry plug is shown being collected after the battle.
    *The Eva 2.22 PV showed Mari backflipping in Eva-02. The 10th Angel’s attack is increased from there on.

What’s bizarre is nothing was mentioned about the 3 pilots synch test on the Mina no Eva blog, which also seems to imply Asuka’s new line is during the talk with Misato instead of the synchro test… I suppose we’ll just have to wait until the film is out to see how things really are.