Evangelion bonus extras in June Newtype

The June 2010 issue of NewType features Mari Illustruous Makinami in her plugsuit on the cover and comes with a set of “Weiß Schwarz” cards and a deck of Evangelion playing cards that feature images from the new films. There’s also an interview with Maaya Sakamoto, Mari’s voice actress, and Kazuya Tsurumaki.

Tsurumaki/Sakamoto Interview

“Weiß Schwarz” is a Japanese trading card game (turn-based dueling) created by Bushiroad, separated by the “Weiß” (White) side and “Schwarz” (Black) side. The White and Black sides are featured by characters popular to males and females (respectively).

A Rei Ayanami Weiß Card

The NewType playing cards are separated by suits. Images of Asuka are on each of the diamond suits, Rei on hearts, Shinji on clubs, and the spades suit cards has images of Mari and Kaworu. (Click on “Read the rest of this entry” to see some pictures)

Diamond and Heart suits

Clubs suit

Spade suit