Eva 2.22 and Eva Extra-06 News

According to the Min Nano EvaFan blog, the recently released Eva Extra 06 has stated that Evangelion 2.22 will have a runtime of 111 minutes and 49 seconds compared to the 108 minute runtime of Evangelion 2.0.

Eva-Extra 07 has also been announced to be released on 5/26/2010, the same day that 2.22 is out in Japan.

(Warning: Possible Spoilers!)

Some of the new additions to the DVD/Blu-Ray include Asuka having a new line (possibly more, but only one has been pointed out so far), the Eva-03 preparation and battle being more drawn out, as well as the battle with Mari and Eva-02 being updated in terms of quality.

The Tokyo International Anime Fair included information on the bonus content for the DVD/Blu-Ray release, which includes:

Rebuild of EVANGELION:2.02
Omit Scene (C-0188A~C-0201、 C-0711~C-0720、C-0740~C-0745、 C-0821~C-0823)
“I Would Give You Anything” Scene NOGUCHI ver.
2.0 Trailers/TV Spots/Advance Notices
AR Script (2.22 Version)

so far it sounds pretty similar to the 1.11 release, it seems like “Omit Scene” is a new feature.

Also worth noticing is there’s an upcoming a promotional video clip featuring the piece “Please Give Me Wings” from the climatic scene of the film, but it’s not publicly released yet. It will probably be shown at Tokyo International Anime Fair. More information about such will be posted when it’s available.


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