New scenes from the Rebuild 1.11 Release

Cover of Eva 1.11 BD Box(This is not an April Fool’s joke)

As an update to the Rebuild 1.11 DVD/BD Release post, that probably deserved it’s own post, a bunch of sneak peaks into the new scenes added to this release has surfaced. Most significantly, is that they seemed to have fixed the darkness issue of original 1.01 release: Rei from the Rebuild 1.01 ReleaseRei from the Rebuild 1.11 Release. Among some of the other new bits are:

As expected, the BD release will have DTS 6.1 Audio and run you about 6,090円, whereas the DVD will cost 5,040円. The BD video has AVC/h.264 encoding with a 1080p resolution. May 27, 2009, is still the release date but a number of places (online) has it available for pre-order.