New Eva game based on Rebuild

(Disclaimer: This is not an April Fool’s joke.)

Evangelion Prologue Weekly Famitsu Scan Asuka & Shinji Jo gameA new Evangelion game based on Rebuild is mentioned  in Weekly Famitsu magazine. The release date for Evangelion: Prologue (Jo) is June 4th 2009 and it will be ported for the PS2 and PSP (PSP games are region-free). The company releasing it is Bandai Namco Games, who also released Evangelion 2. The game seems to incorporate things from the series and Rebuild: for instance,  Ramiel’s appearance is the same as in 1.0, yet both Asuka and Kaworu seem to be present in the game.

Rebuildgame YashimaThere are at least two scenarios in the game, one based on the Television series and the other based on Evangelion: Jo.  Because of this, Asuka for instance will supposedly be called Soryu in the TV series Scenario and  Shikinami in the Evangelion 1.0 Scenario, although the official site refers to her as Soryu.The game’s graphics are more detailed than Evangelion 2 and the battles in this game are in full-3D.