Rebuild 2.0 Trailer

End of first Rebuild 2.0 TrailerThe official 2.0 trailer is out and is hosted on the Bandai Channel. Just like the first official release of the 1.0 trailer, you’ll only be able to watch from a Japanese IP. Fortunately, you can do a little digging with the help of a Japanese proxy server, to find the Microsoft Media Server link to view it directly in your favorite media player. But, if for some reason that doesn’t work, you can grab a copy of it here.

It’s good to see a (somewhat) HQ version of the highly anticipated trailer, our first glance at what 2.0 has in store for us:

Hopefully, there will be more juicy bits of information and further sneak peaks at the upcoming movie soon.

Update (4/1)
Another version of the trailer appeared on a yahoo stream. You can also download it from here. It’s got nothing new, but the scenes have been rearranged and the music is the next episode preview music.