New 2.0-themed Gashapon in coming months

Ultimate Action NeoTwo new sets of Evangelion Gashapon are on the horizon, both featuring Evas from Rebuild 2.0; You Can (Not) Advance. Part of the “Ultimate Action” line of Gashapon figures by Bandai, each set offers five different figures, most of which come with an accessory and feature some form of articulation. The first set (“Ultimate Action Neo”), due for release in late May, will feature Eva-00, Eva-01, Eva-02 and Lilith in their Rebuild incarnations, as well as a hanger and weapon set. The second set (“Ultimate Action Neo Extra”), due before July, will offer figures of Eva-01, Eva-02, Eva-03 (in both a standard and special variant color version) and another hanger/weapon set. Unlike the first collection however, each figure in the latter set comes with part of Eva-05, which can be used to assemble a complete Evangelion once you have collected all five different figures.

The parts packaged with the figures are a pair of forelegs (packaged w/ Eva-01), a pair of hind legs (w/ Eva-02), a pair of arms (w/ Eva-03) and a body (w/ hanger set). No pictures related to this second Gashapon set are available at this time. The figures measure approximately 110-120mm in height, and cost 400 yen each from japanese Gashapon vending machines. Going by past proceedings, full sets will likely surface on Ebay shortly after release.