Mari’s Plugsuit and Be@rbrick Keychain

Mari’s Be@rbrick keychainMari’s PlugsuitThe Sadamoto illustration donning the third round of Evangelion 2.0 tickets appeared today, showing the new character, Mari Illustrious Makinami. She wears the plugsuit previously seen in the first theatrical trailer, and, with the helmet off, provides confirmation for her long-suspected role as the pilot of Evangelion Unit-05. Also, not surprisingly, the “secret” Be@rbrick mobile phone keychain character is Mari in a plugsuit. The Be@rbrick keychains are sold along with the Evangelion 2.0 Advance tickets in selected stores.

That the plugsuited character in the first trailer is Mari is also confirmed on the “Characters” page newly added to the official Eva 2.0 website. (Oddly, Ryoji Kaji is not yet listed.)

Source: MyCom (Mainichi Communications)
Alternate: Khara Homepage