Eva-05 Revealed

Revoltech Eva-05A few days ago, an image appeared on the internet of what looks like the “mystery” Evangelion Unit-05 Revoltech figure that is to appear in the Evangelion 2.0 Movie. At first, there was no information about the image and the URL in the watermark in the image seemed to be a Chinese video game site. Taking a closer look, you can see how it fits pretty accurately the outline in the Revoltech Express image depicting a “mystery” figure that looked like a freaky Evangelion. The detail of the figure makes it seem legit and not a fan made model, with the patented Revoltech ball joints. An official announcement will probably be made at the Shizouka Hobby Show on May 14th. More to come when updates become available.

Update (4/22)
The June issue of the Figure Oh magazine has features on the Revoltech Eva 01, 02, 03, and the new 05 figures, confirming the images that appeared on the internet a few days ago.

Figure Oh Magazine Eva-01/02 Figure Oh Magazine Eva-03 Figure Oh Magazine Eva-05