New Eva 2.0 Poster & Theatrical Trailer

Eva 2.0 Poster (Reverse Side)Eva 2.0 Poster with Psychotic Eva-01The second official theatrical poster/flier was unveiled today at Khara’s homepage and numerous other websites. It makes the visually bold move of using a storyboard-quality sketch (by Kazuya Tsurumaki) of a berserk Eva-01 on red, with nothing else but the movie’s two titles and the release date. The reverse side of the flier version uses a scenic photograph of a tree’s branches and foliage. It appears to have the same text as the first flier’s reverse side, but adds the staff and cast listing (both available on the home page, here and here).

The second theatrical trailer opened in 120 Japanese cinemas, as well. Foreigners can expect the usual wait to be able to see it officially online (though low-quality camera recordings will probably appear in a matter of days). The Minna no Eva Fan blog reported on the content.┬áRather than introduce the anticipated new vocal number, the trailer is said to utilize a choral-styled BGM with an “intense melody”. The visuals include:

  • Opens with a pristine (i.e. not red) ocean with coral
  • Tokyo-3? Mirror-like panels lining up one by one.
  • A tiny doll in the darkness
  • Shinji lying down and going to sleep
  • Asuka sleeping

  • Basketball being shot through a hoop (at dusk)
  • Shinji and Rei by a glass aquarium, with ?blue ocean behind them. Rei is talking about something as fish pass in front of her. The blogger suggests a connection to “International Environmental Corporation – Sea Of Japan Ecosystem Conservation Organization” from the keyword poster.
  • Asuka in plugsuit
  • ?Rei “soaking in orange water”
  • Gendo standing in front of the ?case containing Adam
  • Part of an Angel against a blue sky, compared to the hands of a clock in motion, with a Sachiel-like face on the first hand. [Probably the “Stilt Angel”.]
  • Eva-03 and Eva-01 fighting.
  • What looks like an Angel, seen in the sky for a fleeting instant beyond a building. [Sahaquiel, maybe…?]
  • The “Tunnel Angel”
  • Various shots of Eva-02 using the S-Type Aerial Recon Equipment. These cuts, especially the “dynamic landing”, were considered very impressive.
  • Eva-01 dashing into the foreground
  • Mari with a cell phone
  • Kaji at the ?melon patch, with a pink towel around his neck.
  • Rei in her uniform facing a man (whose face is concealed); presently, she looks up at him with a surprised look on her face. There seems to be a faint haze rising up between them.
  • Shinji in the mist, slowly standing up.
  • A strategy conference room, like the one from Operation Yashima.
  • Piloting shots of Mari (wearing visor), Shinji, and Asuka
  • Etc.