Music from Shin Evangelion available(UPDATED)

Shiro Sagisu’s Music from Shin Evangelion album is now available in its entirety on streaming music services, including Apple and Spotify! You can digitally purchase it on the iTunes Store, Recochoku, mora and animelo mix.

Via official Evangelion twitter feed, courtesy of GhostlyOcam

Many thanks to GhostlyOcam for bringing our attention to this. Feel free to discuss this release in the music thread!

UPDATE: It turns out that the music isn’t available to everyone everywhere on Spotify. The Spotify availability map, as of the last update, shows availability across East and South Asia.

Spotify availability map for Music from “Shin Evangelion”, courtesy of GhostlyOcam

Nuclear Lunchbox reports that the entire soundtrack is available on the EVA-EXTRA application, but isn’t clear if it’s paid-subscription only. The Spotify account needs to be linked to the region as well. Using an American Spotify account in Japan won’t make the Shin Eva soundtrack available, for example.

Further information should be available soon.