Shin Eva screening times

Shin Eva will be screened on March 8 at the Grand Cinema Sunshine in Ikebukuro, Tokyo as early as 7:00 am with the final show at 17:15 for a total of 19 showtimes, which is significant thanks to the limited screentimes caused by the continuing state of emergency in the four key Japanese prefectures of Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama. This is still significant considering the limited business hours imposed on theaters.

Courtesy of the one-and-only GhostlyOcam on EGF

For those eager to see the movie release as soon as possible, don’t worry, it’s gonna be out there in 5 days! And for those eager to be spoiled as soon as possible – and we know you’re out there (wink, wink) – don’t worry either!