Shin Eva/Shinji unofficial Ogata image song

A tidbit from user GhostlyOcam (who is awesome) – Megumi Ogata has a new song for her new album written by Junichi Sato (of the band fhana) that she considered an unofficial “image song” for Shin Eva and Shinji.

Courtesy of GhostlyOcam via the link above

GhostlyOcam also provided a translation of the quoted tweet –

(Quoted Tweet)
I asked Junichi Sato (of fhana): “What if we make a song as if it’s an insert for the final Eva film?”
He doesn’t know how the films ends and I didn’t tell tell him, yet. But what he wrote is a ‘best of the best’ song.
The lyrics are my final feelings as Shinji ≒ Please listen to it after watching Shin Eva.

(Quote Tweet)
The song’s title is “Repeat”, completely from my personal feelings.
As Shinji who has been a part of me for the last 25 years ≒ It is my feelings as Shinji after finishing the final film.
As Shinji, who’s still alive in me even after Shin Eva is finished.
(So it’s not an official song, please understand)

Via GhostlyOcam on the forums

This shows how deeply Evangelion influences both its creators and its fans – Shinji Ikari is still “a part of” his voice actor a quarter-century after his debut, and will remain a part of Megumi Ogata even after his journey in Shin Eva is finished. Official song or not, I think there are many of us who would understand her feelings.

Ogata’s album is out on April 21:

Via GhostlyOcam, as ever!

Megumi Ogata fans in particular and Evangelion fans in general, you have something to look forward to even after Shin Eva releases!