Evangelion 3.333 IMAX release on January 8

Evangelion 3.333 You Can (Not) Redo (note the extra 3) will get an IMAX run on January 8, 2021. This release is in full 2K, with some extra changes from 3.33.

A short explanation of this new Evangelion IMAX release is available on the Khara website. The translation is as follows –

2018 “EVANGELION: 3.33” 2K conversion project started in earnest. In producing “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”, the environment inside the studio color photography department was raised, and under the full supervision of Director Hideaki Anno, all cuts were re-photographed in 2K full size. Different from “: 3.0” and “: 3.33”, higher-definition images that could not be expressed at that time were realized.
The IMAX® screening will maximize the appeal of the further evolved “Q: 3.333”, which has undergone some retakes along with the re-shooting.
A commentary article by Ryusuke Hikawa will be published on the official website of “Evangelion” soon!

Google translate via this post by Gendo’s Papa

Thanks go to user Gendo’s Papa for the heads-up and the translation!

The changes that would go in 3.333 and speculation about a “Director’s Cut” were being noticed as far back as October and it seems that all our speculation is fully confirmed! User Joseki has put up a couple of images showing the difference between 3.33 and 3.333 – from subtle changes in color and lighting to make Rei Q’s eyes pop, to the marked changes in plugsuit coloration for both Asuka and Mari. Drop in on that thread for more interesting discussion on the changes!

As for Ryusuke Hikawa’s commentary…we’ll be sure to let everyone know what that’s about as soon as we hear more.

Oh, and there’s only another 31 days to Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0’s scheduled release!

January 8 Update: Details are limited but it appears that Evangelion 3.333’s release will be delayed due to an issue with the sound.