Neon Genesis Evangelion BluRay Release in 2021

According to a tweet from GKids, they have acquired the North American home video rights for the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series (26 episodes) and the Death and End of Evangelion movies. With a release on BluRay slated for 2021. They also said there would be an “Ultimate Edition” of the BluRay release as well as digital download-to-own versions available.

This is obviously some big news. This would be the first BluRay release of the original series in North America, and with an addition of the “Ultimate Edition”, there could possibly be some cool extras. So far, on the GKids Evangelion website, there’s not a whole lot of additional information.

As with any announcement like this, the Evangelion community starts asking a lot of questions:

  • What will the source be for the BluRay? Will it be the same version broadcast on Netflix?
  • Will there be a new English audio track, with new (or the original) voice actors/actresses?
  • Will we get the various “Fly Me To The Moon” outros back?
  • Will there be various versions of English subtitles? (Like the original ADV subs, or a version where only signs are captioned)
  • Will episodes 21-24 also include the original video releases as well as the director’s cuts?
  • What is the situation with Netflix?

As for Netflix, it looks like the series and movies are still available there for streaming. Does the GKids home video rights affect the current Netflix streaming rights? Will there be any overlap? If they’ll both be available all through next year, how does having the series streaming on Netflix affect BluRay sales from GKids?

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