Evangelion Inspired Tea at Adagio

TheBeast_AdagioTeasThis is something you don’t see every day. Over at Adagio Teas, Kelly Rodgers has created a blend inspired by Evangelion’s Mari Illustrious Makinami called “The Beast“. It looks like it’s a blend of Earl Grey, with some chocolate chips and hazelnut.

From the description of the tea:

Sweet and tangy and just a little nutty. A little intense at times, but that’s just how people like her. Inspired by the Evangelion character Mari Illustrious Makinami.

You can purchase some of this tea over at the Blend’s page for $10 for a 3 ounce pouch or $24 for a tin.

Update (2/26/2013): They’ve now got an Asuka inspired tea called “Thermal Expansion”. Description: “Strong, intense and spicy. Try it straight, or add some sugar if you prefer her sweeter side.”