New Theatrical Trailer for Evangelion 3.0 released

The official website has released the latest Evangelion 3.0 trailer which was originally released in theatres on November 1st. Lots of it are shots from the previous trailers but also some new action shots and some interesting stills.

There’s 3 shots from the trailer that are particularly intriging. The small thumbnail above looks like someone who looks a bit like Misato. There’s also this pink haired girl wearing what looks like a bridge uniform:

And this brand new pink Evangelion:

Which looks like the Eva-08α drawing that Anno made for the lantern festival. Both characters look suspiciously like the silhouettes (far left) from the Real Eva Store in Tokyo:

All of this happening while a new piece of music plays in the background by Shiro Sagisu, “The Wrath of God, in All it’s Fury”.

You can view the trailer from the Bandai Channel on the Evangelion website, but it’s region locked. You can also view it on Nico Video, but you’ll need an account or one of those nicoview sites. You can also DOWNLOAD a copy locally hosted and re-encoded by yours truly.

Update: It’s been posted on Youtube.