New Evangelion 3.0 TV Spot

A new 15 second or so TV commercial for the new movie was released. A lot of the footage is similar to the theatrical trailer but there’s a couple of shots that are new. Namely, one of Shinji looking a bit down while listening to something, and one with Asuka in the entry plug.

And, Asuka in her plugsuit, getting pumped for something:

But the interesting thing here is in the display behind her, which looks like it says EVA-02’γ or maybe EVA-02’V:

The “space” fight shots of Asuka from previous trailers clearly show that she’s in EVA-02’β, so this could mean a different configuration for Eva-02, and more specifically that there’s more than one Asuka-in-Eva-02 scene, possibly a different battle.

You can see the entire TV Spot on youtube:

Source:: Minna no Evafan