Free Evangelion Magazine “IMA-EVA”

Part of the summer campaign to promote the upcoming Evangelion 3.0, You Can (Not) Redo, movie to be released on November 17th, there’s a new free magazine called IMA-EVA that’ll start distribution on July 28th. It’ll probably be similar to the printed EVA-EXTRA magazines that were freely distributed leading up to the premiere of Evangelion 2.0 during the summer of 2009. It looks like it’ll be a B5 print size with about 24 pages and will be available at the Evangelion Store in Tokyo, and later at Lawson’s stores starting on August 1st.

If it’s going to be similar to the old EVA-EXTRA’s from 2009, we’ll probably not get any exclusive sneak peaks into what 3.0 is going to be like. Most of those came in the form of official trailers, which were later broken down into the free magazines. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get some interviews which would be great.