Evangelion 2.22 Packaging

Some images of the new BD/DVD release of Evangelion 2.22, You can (not) advance, have popped up. It looks to be near identical to the first limited edition release of Evangelion 1.01, with a folding disc case that comes with a booklet and filmstrip that all fits into a box. However, unlike the 1.01 Limited Edition release, this will only come with 1 disc. And it will be orange instead of red. “First Press” editions of 2.22 will come with the filmstrip, although there’s no word on exactly how many of those there are on the different retailer websites that one can pre-order 2.22 from. If you haven’t already pre-ordered by now, it may be too late for a film strip, but that’s just a guess.

Image source from CD Japan