Eva Themed Convenience Store in Tokyo-3

An Evangelion themed Lawson convenience store has opened in Hakone, the site of Tokyo-3, to coincide with the screenings of 2.22. The store is filled with all kinds of Eva merchandise, including food products, snacks, and various other Eva merchandise such as Eva headphones and the Evangelion manga and DVD sets. The store will remain Eva themed up until May 17th, where it will then be returned to its normal form.

Lawson convenience stores are the second biggest chain in Japan, with 7-Eleven being the largest in the country.

Some Hakone residents have been complaining to their city council about the influx of otaku and are trying to get the screening cancelled because of this. There has been no information on whether or not the screenings will in fact be cancelled.

Update: According to the Evangelion blog, the Eva themed Lawson in Hakone is no more, due to the unexpectedly large influx of people.