Live Action Evangelion Still Alive?

From an Anime News Network Podcast, Joseph Chou, producer of Halo Legends, Appleseed: Ex Machina, and billed as the producer for the Live Action Evangelion Movie, says that the anime adaptation is still “very active”. Chou says it’s possible that the project may even start moving forward by next year, after a lot of paper work has been resolved, and that the reason the project was at a stand still was because of the anime market crash. Chou said “the reason it stopped in its tracks was not because [John Ledford, co-founder of A.D. Vision and ADV Films] wasn’t paying attention to it … he actually amassed a considerable amount of money, financing, for the film … but then I think he just needed to stop, because the whole market was falling apart at that time,” and as a result the movie “fell on the wayside.”, although Ledford is still part of the project.

This could mean good news for people who were hoping for a live action adaptation. But for most, they’re probably not going to hold their breath until it starts moving forward again.