shiro_sagisuA week or so ago, it was announced that Shiro Sagisu, who was in charge of the music in the Evangelion TV Series, the movies and Rebuild of Evangelion, was releasing a CD(s) of some of Evangelion’s music performed by an orchestra. I noticed today that the 2 releases were up in the Evangelion Store for pre-order for 3,500 円. The expected release date is on November 26th of this year for both.

The both sets are 2 discs, one is a music CD and the other a CD-ROM containing PDF’s of the scores, and a booklet containing a performance guide and interviews. The performances in this CD include the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, a Murata Youiti group and a Sagisu group. The Murata Youti group consists of flutes, clarinets, oboes, a full brass section, bass, vibes, and a percussion section including drums. The Sagisu group consists of a full brass section, piano, synthesizers, guitar, electric and acoustic bass, and drums. Yoko Takahashi is the guest lead vocalist.