Rebuild 2.0’s Evangelion Unit-01 Revoltech

Revoltech FlyerFirst seen at the 2009 Wonder Festival, the Eva-01 Revoltech figure is going on sale on October 15th 1st for 2400 yen. This figure was tentatively named “Runaway Version” at the Wonder Festival. Along with the Eva-01 figure, the Eva-05 figure, which has been repainted, will also be on sale on the 15th 1st.

This post will contain Evangelion 2.0 spoilers, so people avoiding spoilers don’t click on the “Read More” link if you are avoiding spoilers.

The final version of this figure appeared on the Minnano Eva Fan blog today and it includes parts to turn it into the “Awakened” form. The extra parts include a halo, an extra head (one that is roaring), a face attachment that makes it look like it’s eyes are glowing (although it looks more like fancy sunglasses), an extra arm and hands to give Eva-01 the glowing left arm, and a rifle and umbilical cable.