A First look at the SH-06 Nerv phones

NTT Docomo Evangelion phoneThe PC Freaks blog reviewed and put up some pictures of Sharp’s new SH-06 Nerv mobile phones which we first posted about back in May. It’s mainly a description of the many pictures posted of the box, the accessories, and the phone itself, with a note that more will get posted later. Some pictures and features of the phone was released by NTT DoCoMo last June and posted in Trendy, but these are the first impressions of an actual phone.

Aside from everything being covered in Nerv logos, it looks like your average mobile phone you see in Japan. The carrying case looks a little excessive, but something to note is that it has slots for the external camera, allowing you to use it while it is still in the holder. The manual looks is covered with Nerv stuff, no surprise there. They did note that the speech in the phone doesn’t seem to include the voices of Hyuga and Aoba and that because it’s so thin, the battery life seems to be shorter compared to the other SH-06 models.