UCC Evangelion Coffee is back for 2.0

Evangelion UCC Coffee CansEvangelion UCC Coffee is back for the 2.0 movie. Just like for the 1.0 movie, UCC Coffee cans decorated with Evangelion characters are sold with special barcodes affixed to the cans that can be scanned by mobile phones. Once scanned, you’ll receive one of 12 mobile phone wallpapers and a chance to win a limited edition Asuka figure from UCC Coffee (1000 figures total) as well as one of five Puchi Eva UCC Coffee figures. The Puchi Eva figures feature Asuka in her yellow sundress, Rei, Shinji, and Kaworu in their school uniforms as well as a secret figure rumored to be the new character Mari Makinami. If so, this would be the first time outside of the Puchi Eva Nintendo DS game we see an SD version of Mari.

Update: 5/19: Official UCC/Eva 2.0 website accessable from regular browsers.