Eva 2.0 Soundtrack Announced (7/08 Release)

A page has appeared on EVANGELION.CO.JP announcing the release date for the next movie’s soundtrack — July 8th — along with providing basic details on the album itself. Well, albums, technically. A translation of the main contents (hopefully no major inaccuracies):

Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Breakup Original Soundtrack SPECIAL EDITION (Tentative Title)
Planned Album Contents
Disc 1: Approx. 30 pieces of BGM used in the actual film
Disc 2: Approx. 30 pieces of BGM, full length version or otherwise
Music: Shiro Sagisu
First Pressing: Comes in box
Scheduled to include a 20-page booklet
Price: 3,300 円 (pre-tax)(2 discs)

The regular version will go on sale concurrently.

Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Breakup Original Soundtrack
Includes Disc 1 from the “Special Edition”
Music: Shiro Sagisu
Scheduled to include a 12-page booklet
Price: 2,800 円 (pre-tax)

The distinction being made between BGM as “used in the actual film” and “full length versions” is … interesting. The only other time I’ve seen “full length version” has been in the context of opening and ending songs — both the TV edits and the full length recordings are typically released to album. Why would they bother releasing pared-down versions of the BGM, though, especially when all the tracks at “full length*” don’t exceed the space on one disc? (Obvious cynical answers aside.) Strange……

* “…or otherwise”. Not entirely sure what the 他 in フルサイズバージョン他 is meant to imply.