Hikaru Utada Returns for 2.0, plus EVA EXTRA

“Theme Song” / Hikaru UtadaEVA EXTRA 02 coverWell, she supplied the version of “Fly Me To the Moon (In Other Words)” we’ve heard in trailers for both movies so far, and the theme song for 1.0, “Beautiful World”. And now, according to the free promotional newsletter EVA EXTRA 02 that began distribution today, Utada is on 2.0’s staff for “Theme Song”. The name of the song hasn’t been announced yet, though.

The EVA EXTRA issues seem to be each taking their cover from whatever trailer debuted earlier that month. (Lazy as we are, we didn’t cover the first issue in a news blurb, so here’s the cover of that.) According to the official movie site, we still have one issue to go, to be released in the second half of June. Odds are, its cover will come from a third trailer that will help supply a final burst of hype for the film. And, it seems like there’s a pretty good chance that the new song will make its debut there.

Check out the Eva Emergency Blog link for some sketches in EVA EXTRA 2 by assistant director Kazuya Tsurumaki. (The first volume featured Asuka, so the blogger rather reasonably speculates that we’ll get Mari in the third.) By the way: Anybody with a copy of these EVA EXTRA things, post some high-res scans somewhere. Please?